Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

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    Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

    Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

    Those who have a car or a vehicle in tow are expected to own a garage.

    With that comes the existence of garage doors and their operation in their employ.

    Garage doors ensure the safety and the security of the garage as well as the valuable things in it.

    The vehicle stored in the room is made safer, along with the other items that are of great value and importance to the people living in the house.

    For the car alone, which is more expensive than the garage door itself, it is essential that we make sure that it is protected.

    What is a little expense on a great garage door that ensures safety compared to the cost of the vehicle, right?

    If you want to make sure that the vehicle that you value is safe, having a good garage door that can operate every day is a good investment.

    This includes spending money on repairs whenever the garage door needs fixing or replacement in parts.

    It is part of the commitment to having a home.

    If you want to care for your security, you should care for the garage door’s health as well.

    One of the parts of the door that might get damaged during operation is the sensor that is located inside the opener.

    It serves as a safety feature that scans the environment below the door to see if there are any objects that are blocking the path.

    If it senses a hindrance, it will prevent the door from lowering down when closing.

    Given this, it will be very dangerous if it gets damaged.

    Here are some of the signs that the sensors are damaged and will need garage door sensor repair and replacement:

    The garage door reverses when opened

    If you ever encounter a door suddenly reversing back up when it is opened, it is a sure sign that the sensor is behind it.

    It could be that the photo-eye of the sensor is misaligned or blocked.

    The misalignment and blocking of the sensor make it identify other objects that are not necessarily under the path of the door.

    Because it is constantly detecting objects elsewhere, it might think that there are obstacles that are blocking the path of the door.

    Hence, it constantly sends a message to the opener to prevent the door from going down.

    Such a movement is inconvenient for homeowners, as it does not completely allow the door to be closed.

    The auto-reversing of the door without really any sign of objects near the path requires a garage door repair on the sensor.

    A garage door sensor repair and replacement, however, should only be done by professionals.

    The garage door does not close on command

    After a smooth opening, you might find the door refusing to close at all.

    The problem might rest at the fault of the transmitter, or the malfunction of the remote control whose batteries are out, or the sensor itself.

    Since the sensor might be faulty, it might be causing the opener to block the door from going down.

    It is possible that it has detected other objects or has been wired to think so due to external or internal forces.

    If the door does not close on command, you might want to check the sensor.

    A garage door sensor repair and replacement may be in place, and you may need to get a new one to do a proper job.

    Remember, however, that homeowners may not be qualified for such a sensitive task.

    Flashing lights can be seen from the sensor or the opener

    The sensors have lights that allow them to roam and scan the floor below the garage door for any stray objects, thus preventing the door from going down when it detects any.

    The unprecedented flashing of the lights when unnecessary gives us an idea that there might indeed be something wrong with the sensor.

    Try to get a garage door repair and replacement service to look into the matter.

    It might take only some quick fixes, but a garage door replacement in the aspect of the sensors may be necessary.

    Call 305 Garage Door Services for help!

    If you have a sensor that is going haywire, do not wait for a long time!

    Call a garage door repair service right away.

    For a residential or commercial garage door repair, 305 Garage Door Services is the company for the job.

    Do not hesitate to ask for help!

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