Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

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    Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair

    Need a Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair?

    If you want efficiency for all your travels, errands, and other activities that involve parking your vehicle in and out of the garage every day, an automatic garage door is just the thing that you need.

    Say goodbye to the old manual operation of garage doors where you have to pull them up and down by yourself every time you get in and out of the garage.

    It is inconvenient, to say the least, and can be very dangerous to the security and the safety of the whole property.

    Hence the new trend for homeowners nowadays is having an automatic garage door.

    By simply clicking the remote control, the door can slide up and down whenever you want it opened or closed.

    It saves time and energy.

    Nonetheless, no technology can last for a long time without defects.

    Automatic garage door openers may malfunction which might hinder their efficiency and convenience.

    Given that, a garage door automatic opener repair is just the service that can solve the problem.

    There are a lot of reasons as to why and how an opener can malfunction.

    Here are a few of them:

    Something is blocking the photo-eye

    The photo-eye is part of the system of the sensor that scans the path below the door for any signs of objects or people that may block it.

    It is a safety feature that activates whenever the garage door lowers itself down to avoid a crash that might result in a fatal accident.

    One of the reasons why an opener might be malfunctioning is due to the photo-eye.

    To check whether there is something wrong with it, inspect the chord that is attached to it and see if it is damaged.

    Try to look into the photo-eye as well as it might be damaged due to rain and storm.

    External forces do have a hand in some of the damages to the garage door, so make sure that they are maintained and check from time to time.

    If the photo-eye is indeed damaged, contact a garage door automatic opener repair service right away.

    The power source is disrupted

    Sometimes, the reasons behind the malfunction of the opening are not as damaging as you thought they would be.

    It might be due only to the power source being disrupted.

    Black-outs or short circuits may cause the opener to turn off, therefore leaving the door in the middle of an operation.

    Check to see the power source where the opener is plugged into and check if there is something wrong with it.

    If the problem rests within the opener itself, contact a garage door automatic opener repair specialist to look into it.

    The torsion springs are broken

    The springs can snap at any given time without warning.

    They can only withstand a certain number of cycles, so there may come a time when they break down as well.

    When that happens, the opener itself may not be able to command the door to open or close.

    The automatic opener can only command the parts to the job.

    Hence, if one of them is damaged, the opener cannot do anything by itself.

    Sometimes, the problem with the parts can also greatly affect the opener.

    For a thorough inspection and garage door repair, call a garage door automatic opener repair professional.

    The sensitivity is out of adjustment

    Old or new, the sensitivity settings of the opener may be maladjusted.

    When that happens, all sorts of problems with the sensor and the photo-eye can arise.

    If you cannot adjust it on your own, you can simply call a garage door automatic opener repair company for help.

    Contact 305 Garage Door Services to look into your garage door opener

    Automatic garage doors are a delight to many.

    They are very convenient and efficient.

    However, if they somehow malfunction, getting a good service to look into them is a must.

    305 Garage Door Services offer all types of garage door repair, garage door replacement, and even commercial garage door repair.

    We are a team of experts who are well-trained and skilled at the job.

    Plus, we are insured and licensed so you do not have to worry about our legitimacy.

    Do not hesitate to ask for help with your overhead door.

    Make sure that it is operating smoothly at all times.

    Call for our services now!

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