How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    How To Fix Garage Door Cable

    Even though we always use our garage doors, and it takes about 40 percent of the front portion of our homes, we still neglect this not until we are looking for ways on how to fix garage door cable.

    Our garage doors are already set at homes, and we use them by pulling them up and down and taking our car in or out of the garage.

    There are times when it gets broken, and that is when we seek help from experts like the 305garage to fix the problems with our garage doors.

    What are the parts we can find from the garage door system?

    The garage doors that are sold in the market can now weigh up to 400 pounds.

    That is why we will have a hard time, especially if we don’t get our garage door fixed from 305garage.

    The large torsion springs, extension springs, garage door cables, and cable drums complete the system of the garage doors.

    If any of the said parts get broken or stops working, it can fail our garage door, and we cannot use our garage door until we get it fixed from experts like 305garage.

    There are ways how to fix garage door cable at homes, but it is recommended to seek professionals.

    Every part of our garage door has a specific use.

    The springs will help lift the weight of the garage door, and the tracks are used to keep our garage door aligned, the garage door opener will lift the whole thing using a push-button; lastly, the cable drums and garage door cables will act as the failsafe if something serious happens with our springs.

    The purposes of our garage door cable

    The cables used on both sides of the garage doors are being used with extension and torsion springs.

    It can help the garage door move up and down in a smooth manner.

    If one of these cables breaks, it can add up extra stress to the other cable, leading to a failure.

    At the bottom part of the garage door and a cable drum, the cables are attached while it is either at the end of our torsion spring shaft.

    When the drums are turned by the torsion spring, the wires will unwrap or wrap all over the drum, then the garage door lifts or closes.

    As mentioned in one of our garage door cables has a failure, our garage door will not evenly lift, it will strain other tracks, cable, and the rollers of our garage doors.

    Having our garage door replaced by 305garage is safe, and it can save our time and effort.

    Replacing our Garage door cable

    Before we remove the broken cable from the garage door, we put the garage door in an open position, and we lock the garage door in place.

    It is done by using vice grips to the track located at the bottom of the roller, or we place a ladder or a scaffolding under the garage door to stop it from having any unnecessary movements.

    Once we secure the garage door movement, we can remove the cables of the door from the bottom part of the door, including the drum.

    We affix the new cable into the drum, and then the line is ravel; we then loop the other end into the peg located at the bottom of the garage door.

    The old cables and new cables might not match perfectly, so it is recommended that both lines be replaced to ensure the same lengths.

    We may change the size of any of the wires, but that involves a job with the torsion spring.

    Unless we don’t have any experience in repairing the springs, we should call 305garage.

    Non-experts in repairing garage doors are not recommended to fix garage doors as they might commit severe problems for the garage doors, or they can cause significant injuries within us.


    Fixing our garage door by ourself is hard, and it can cause extra damage to us and our garage doors, especially if we don’t know how to fix it and rely on the information given on the internet by our friends.

    We highly recommend that everyone call an expert in fixing garage doors to ensure our safety and avoid extra costs for our garage doors.

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