Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    A garage door is composed of a well-built kind of equipment that provides additional security to every commercial household or business establishment.

    However, its construction material will endure all sorts of weather that can cause damage to the exterior and interior parts of the door.

    Therefore, preventive maintenance is essential to keep your garage door in good condition to maintain its performance at full level.

    If your garage door is not functioning properly it may be subject to mechanical failure due to excessive use and common wear and tear.

    The important step is to identify the complicated parts and damage components before the entire garage door breakdown.

    The experts from 305 Garage Door Services are here to aid and assist you to prevent further damages.

    If your garage door is not functioning properly don’t hesitate to reach out to 305 Garage Door Services in Miami, our company offers assistance and discusses your garage door needs.

    Call us now! Set an appointment and avail of our free quotation services.

    Why Preventive Maintenance Checklist is Necessary?

    The advantage of making an official list of procedures when conducting garage door routine maintenance tasks gives numerous benefits.

    Safety Improvement Plan

    The purpose of an effective maintenance routine is to prevent the garage door equipment from malfunctioning, which will make the productivity of work lessen and also the safety risk of the person.

    Besides, conducting a preventive maintenance checklist can moderate personal or technician errors and contains important safety guidelines to avoid the possible chance of injury.

    Systematic and Productive Plan

    Configuring the steps during preventive maintenance will improve productivity and helps to do the job accurately without having excessive supervision, and the quality of work improves effortlessly.

    Enhanced Maintenance Plan

    The estimation of time needed to complete and fix the problem and the application made easier by managing and scheduling maintenance work.

    Basic Garage Door Maintenance

    Inspect the tracks – frequently check your garage door tracks before starting to operate to make sure that no obstruction is stuck from the inside and free from rust, dust, or debris.

    Loosen parts – each component of the garage door hardware will loosen due to excessive use.

    If you notice signs that your garage door is not operating properly, consider checking the listed parts below:

    Rollers and Hinges – if these parts are worn out it will create an unusual sound like squeaking or grinding, without proper maintenance, it’s possible for replacement, and the bearing rollers attached to the metal tracks become noisy if it is not rolling smoothly.

    • Nuts and Bolts – these tiny parts of the garage door are often ignored and cause vibrating sound if not regularly maintained.
    • Chain – when garage door chains lose it causes the rollers to hit against the tracks because of the uncontrolled movement of the door.

    Misaligned Doors – the garage door spring condition is strained and could be the result of applying too much pressure to balance the stability of the door.

    A misaligned garage door will result in breaking the spring and cables and the door opener fails to operate properly.

    If not treated properly and not maintained regularly will be subject to garage door replacement.

    Here are some of the signs that your garage door is misaligned.

    • The opening and closing of the door perform unevenly
    • Gets stuck or didn’t open
    • Creates loud noise or banging

    Lubrication – applying grease or lubricant to the moving parts can preserve and prolong the lifespan of each hardware component.

    Screw up the hardware – take a little time to check the bolts and nuts of your tracks, rollers, springs, brackets, and cables, use a socket wrench or open wrench to tighten them up to avoid and eliminate the noise of your garage door when these parts get loosen.

    If your garage door is experiencing these common signs and issues, we have the best and simple solution to solve your problem, simply call the nearest commercial garage door repair services near you.

    Reliable Garage Door Company Service in Miami

    Looking for a reliable commercial garage door repair service? Employing 305 Garage Door Services in Miami will ensure to provide the best quality service.

    Our expert technicians are always ready to fix broken garage door parts.

    We also provide garage door replacement and garage door repair in any part of Miami.

    Contact our expert technicians now.

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