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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Like any other doors out there, garage doors have only two functions: to open and close whenever it is needed.

    They offer such a simple service yet something that is as valuable as the other machines that keep us alive.

    Aside from its primary function, a garage door is an undeniably convenient addition to the property, given the fact that they are great for security.

    Yes, that’s right: garage doors ensure safety and security among houses.

    That is why many of us trust our garage enough to store some valuable items that are significant and hold sentimental value to us.

    Vehicles are also parked inside the garage, and they are made secure with a sturdy garage door.

    It is much more convenient to have vehicles inside with a garage door to keep them safe.

    No more does a car have to endure the weather outside and the possible danger of burglars breaking into them.

    Automatic garage doors, on the one hand, improve the kind of service that ordinary doors provide.

    The closing and opening are now made automatic so that no longer do homeowners have to manually operate every time they need to go inside or outside of the room.

    This is made possible by the motor of the garage door.

    Hence, when they get damaged or when they malfunction, getting a good garage door motor repair service is due.

    Here is how you can spot a faulty garage door motor:

    The garage door refuses to open or close

    If the garage door cannot perform its basic function, it is a sign that the motor is preventing it from doing so.

    Automatic garage doors are installed with a motor that allows them to operate by themselves automatically.

    This means opening and closing at your command.

    Damaged motors can cause quite a lot of damage, not to mention inconvenience for the owners.

    Try to reset the frequency of the remote.

    If it still does not open the door, the motor might well be the culprit.

    Replacing it, on the other hand, is easy.

    A garage door motor repair should first and foremost be left to the hands of the experts.

    The garage door is noisy

    An annoying racket out of a machine is a definite sign of damage.

    Although not as fatal as expected, unnecessary noise coming out of the garage door opener is uncanny.

    Hence, it is a symptom of a bigger issue if it is ignored or left alone.

    What you have to keep in mind is that a noisy door is not exactly natural.

    The motor might be the one causing all the noise.

    Hence, it should be inspected by a professional to identify the root cause.

    If the noise continues, a garage door motor repair may be due.

    The garage door moves at a slow pace

    Operating a garage door is convenient for a lot of reasons.

    This includes the fast operation of closing and opening.

    Garage doors are programmed to move at a certain speed.

    Therefore, if the door moves at a slower pace than what you are used to, there might be something wrong with the motor.

    The motor unit might not be providing the door with enough energy for it to move efficiently.

    A garage door repair technician may be able to solve this problem for you.

    The garage door is working intermittently

    A garage door can operate day and night.

    This means being able to use it whenever you need to.

    Old garage doors may have a problem with the motor that is underpowered.

    Over time, it might heat up and can therefore shut off.

    When this happens, you will have to wait for a significant time before it works properly again.

    A garage door motor repair is possible, but a garage door replacement may be your best option.

    Garage door motor not working? Call 305 Garage Door Services!

    When it comes to the garage door, an immediate response should be due.

    This means getting a garage door repair company that can provide emergency services right away.

    No need to worry, because 305 Garage Door Services has your back on this.

    Ensure quality repairs and replacements for both residential and commercial garage door repair needs.

    Do not hesitate to call for help.

    Contact us now!

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