What to Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

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    What to Do When Garage Door Is Jammed

    Well-maintained garage doors give us a secure feeling knowing that the widest opening is up and functional.

    However, when the garage door exhibits faulty operations, it’s not just about the inconvenience.

    In any home or business establishment with overhead doors, we all have experienced garage door malfunctions.

    And the best possible solution in dealing with a broken garage door is to call for technical assistance especially a jammed door.

    A jammed garage door may be a simple malfunction.

    But what our eyes don’t see is that there could have been underlying issues.

    Moreover, for fast, safe, and reliable garage door repairs, call 305 Garage Door Services in Miami for garage door repairs.

    We offer extensive yet affordable garage door services that can get your door back up in its optimal condition in no time.

    We want our valued customers to feel safe and secure.

    That’s why when you’re having garage door troubles, call us right away!

    Here are the following reasons why your garage door is jammed and a quick-fix to get it back to its shape.

    However, if the problem exists after troubleshooting the hardware, call for technical support.

    Professional technicians will not only provide you with reliable repairs, but we assure you to give your hardware a thorough check-up.

    Presence of obstruction

    As we all know, the safety sensors are responsible for keeping us safe from not being crushed by the panel.

    Inspect the perimeter thoroughly and remove any presence of an object that might have caused the hardware to stop working.

    Inspect the garage door track

    Besides the springs, garage door tracks hold the weight of the panel to safely lift and lower the panel.

    With time, age, and frequency of use, the pressure will cause the track to bend or crack.

    Inspect the track for bents or cracks that may have caused the garage door not to budge.

    Also, check for debris or particles that may have blocked the path of the garage door panel.

    Garage door rollers

    When did you last replace the garage door rollers? Perhaps, you overlooked providing it with grease.

    With the frequency of use and aging rollers coupled with rust build-up, there’s a chance that it may have facilitated the obstruction.

    Give your garage door some TLC by giving it enough lubricant for seamless and effortless operation.

    Check the spring(s)

    When the aforementioned are not the culprits, check the springs.

    Not all jammed garage door is caused by an obstruction.

    When the springs are broken, it’s going to be difficult to lift the door panel open.

    If your garage door springs or cables are busted, call for technical assistance.

    Replacing a broken spring is considered one of the most dangerous types of repairs.

    To avoid any unnecessary accidents or injuries, call us anytime.

    Our technical team is up 24 hours a day for fast garage door spring repairs.

    Fresh batteries

    Sometimes, due to our tight schedule, while running an active lifestyle, we often forget to check the little things.

    When your garage door will not respond to its prompts, try to replace the batteries.

    Then, check if this may have caused the door panel not to move.

    If the problem persists, check your garage door opener or the wirings.

    However, due to safety hazards, call a trusted garage door service provider in Miami.

    Unless you have the right skills, tools, and equipment, proceed with caution. And don’t forget to give precedence to your safety.

    How much does the garage door repair costs?

    Don’t hesitate to give us a call for garage door repairs in Miami.

    When we do our repairs, we will give your hardware a thorough inspection to avoid unnecessary repairs.

    We care about our customer that’s why we provide only genuine services and parts for your garage door.

    By inspecting your hardware, it will provide us an idea of the needed repairs and what your garage door truly needs.

    Then, our technical team will provide you detailed information along with the costs of repairs.

    To know more about our services, our staff is on the line to assist and walk you through the process.


    When it comes to a malfunctioning garage door, the best and most effective way to resolve issues is to call for an expert technician.

    Remember, the garage door is composed of complex moving parts and gears.

    One broken part can lead to another broken part.

    By calling for technical support, they will not only provide you with the needed repairs.

    But they can give your garage door a thorough inspection and identify the problem right away.

    Therefore, entrust all your garage door repairs to a trusted professional team of technicians in Miami.

    We are more than glad to serve you! Call us and experience premium yet affordable services.

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