How to Adjust Garage Door Springs And Cables

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Springs And Cables

    Some parts of your garage door may break at some point due to its wear and tear properties.

    This is why your garage door must get its regular maintenance check-ups by a professional.

    Performing renovation and repair on your garage door and its parts can be hazardous, especially if you have no idea what to do.

    Special tools and a buddy is needed for this job, especially if you are going to deal with the garage door itself.

    This is very heavy and cannot be lifted by a single person only.

    305 Garage is here to help you with your problem.

    We will supply you with the information on how to adjust garage door springs and cables; however, if you are not an expert in these types of situations, you must NEVER attempt to do this without professional help.

    Go and visit our page to know more about how to adjust garage door springs and cables, and if you are lucky, you can win a toolset for every visit!

    The Steps We Take to Renovate Your Garage Door Springs And Cables

    Changing and adjusting garage torsion springs on your own is very dangerous and should be left in the hands of the pros.

    However, it is essential to know what are the functions of a door spring.

    So what is a torsion spring? A torsion spring is the one responsible for lifting your garage door.

    To do so, they must be placed under a high amount of tension for the lifting mechanism to happen.

    Having to repair or replace the torsion spring without professional help can be very dangerous and can cause you a lot of money and maybe, a visit to the ER! Therefore, we suggest that you call us immediately if you want these parts of your garage door to get changed.

    Visit us now!

    The steps that will be mentioned below are what our team will be doing when we are adjusting your springs and cables.

    Step 1

    Before anything, it is crucial to ensure that we have the proper tools and safety gear to protect ourselves.

    Pliers or screwdrivers cannot be used as substitutes for the winding bars because this can be very dangerous.

    First, we will be locking down the door using a c-clamp to prevent your door from suddenly opening.

    Then, we will be disconnecting the power supply from the garage door opener and place the door in a closed position.

    Step 2

    Next, we will loosen and unwind the good spring, and then we will remove the bolts that secure the stationary spring cones in place.

    After doing so, we will move the springs going to the final brackets.

    Step 3

    Subsequently, we must use the c-clamps again to secure the center bracket for the torsion tube to be held in its place.

    Next is we will disengage the lifting cables.

    Once we have finished, we can now remove the cable drum to remove the bad spring.

    Step 4

    Next, we must get accurate measurements of your desired parts to correctly purchase the replacement parts that will be embedded in your garage doors.

    To do this, we must measure the wire and inner diameter of the broken spring and its total length, not including the cones.

    Step 5

    Then we will assemble the new set of torsion springs and center bearings.

    After doing so, we will reattach the cable drums and connect the center bracket to the stationary cones.

    Step 6

    The next step is to replace the rollers, bottom brackets, and lift cables.

    We can do this by inserting a new roller and switching the old brackets and cables to the new ones.

    Then we will place new cables inside the drum and adjust the applied tension.

    Step 7

    Then we need to stretch the tension springs before we secure the screws.

    Finally, we can now apply a lubricant to the door springs and cables to ensure that they will function well.

    After spraying on the lubricant, we will wipe off the excess using a cloth.


    After all of these are done, it is time to test the garage door.

    We must remove all the locking pliers or the c-clamps to allow the parts to move.

    We will manually open and close the garage door a few times and apply adjustments if necessary.

    If the garage door can entirely do its job, we can now reengage the opener and reconnect it to the power supply.


    Adjusting garage door springs and cables are pretty overwhelming, and it is a very challenging task.

    This is why you should never try and attempt to do the repairs and renovations on your own.

    We recommend that you get professional assistance instead of doing them on your own since most of the steps can quickly get confusing.

    It is better to be sure about something than to do something that you can’t even understand.

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