How To Adjust Garage Door Cables Tension

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Cable Tension

    Garage door cables serve an essential purpose when it comes to ensuring the safety of your respective garage doors.

    The cable is attached to the torsion springs and does the heavy lifting when garage doors are opened or closed.

    Another purpose of door cables is to protect people from spring recoil in the event of spring failure.

    An event like this may not sound so alarming, but it is because this may cause serious injury.

    305 Garage Doors company provides the best and high-quality assistance which is what you deserve.

    Our company can assure your safety is our top priority!

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Cables – 305 Garage Doors

    305 Garage Doors is a company that offers a variety of services ranging from garage door renovations up to providing assistance on how to adjust garage door cable tension.

    We are famous in Miami for fifteen years due to the many garage constructions that we have done and to the assistance and services that we have offered to the thousand citizens of Chicago.

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    We are well-known for our expert craftsmanship, interior and exterior design and most importantly, the value for money.

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    How To Adjust Garage Door Cables and Tension

    Garage door renovations should be done regularly in order to identify if there is an existing problem with your garage doors.

    This helps with its longevity and more importantly, prevents damages and accidents.

    Although you can adjust garage door cable tension on your own, this might not be the best choice since the steps are complex and it requires proper skills to maneuver around the springs and cords.

    Safety is also one of our concerns which is why we don’t recommend you to do it yourself.

    Your garage door may crash and fall on you when it is not handled properly and when you are not guided by a professional resulting in major injuries and probably, unnecessary hospitalizations.

    Nevertheless, the steps on how to adjust garage door cables tension are quite challenging and overwhelming for someone who does not have any background or knowledge about garage door cables. It is best to seek professional help to guarantee high-quality and correct application of instructions.

    What 305 Garage Door’s Workers Would Do During Cable Tension Adjustment

    First, we would pull the rope that is attached to the garage door opener then it would release from its drive chain enabling us to see the tension springs that are responsible for raising the door.

    We will, then, lift the door to release the tension on the springs and while we are doing that, we will also want to disconnect the electricity from the garage door if it is an automatic one to prevent any electrical accidents.

    Next, we will attach two c-clamps on the door’s track under the roller that is closest to the bottom of the door to prevent it from crashing while we work on it.

    The third step that we are going to do is to disconnect the cable which is located above the doorway of the door’s frame and attach it to one of the holes so the wires aren’t loose.

    Next is adjusting the cable brackets.

    In order pull and tighten the cable wiring, we might have to use a pair of pliers.

    We must keep in mind that too much tightening and loosening of the bracket may cause problems so it is crucial to adjust it just enough to prevent the cables from getting entangled with each other.

    After we have adjusted or replaced any broken cables, we will check the drum which maintains the garage door balanced.

    This is also where the cable is wrapped around neatly.

    We will make sure that the cables are not unwrapped and are aligned properly on both sides of the door.

    After doing so, we will remove both the c-clamps and lower the door manually and reconnect the electricity back again.


    For someone with limited skills, adjusting the garage door cable tension is quite dangerous.

    It is more difficult when we don’t have enough knowledge about it.

    Requesting help from a garage door expert! prevent any harm or incorrect adjustments to your garage door!

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