Garage Door Opens By Itself

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    Garage Door Opens By Itself

    Does your garage door open by itself even without prompting its button?

    Garage doors are meant to lift open and lower down with the use of your one-tap device.

    However, if it opens on its own, you might need to roll your sleeves up for a quick fix.

    In case you’re not confident to troubleshoot your hardware, you can simply grab your smartphone and call us.

    305 Garage Door Services is up and ready for fast and efficient same-day garage door repairs in Miami.

    Our dedicated expert team is available to cater to your needs.

    We value our client’s safety and security. Don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime!

    Why Does Our Garage Door Open on its Own?

    The emergence of smart technology paved the way for us to easily pull in and out of our garage.

    Technology brought us comfort and accessibility but it also caused us some minor to major issues.

    When our garage door opens on its own even without prompting its button, it makes us vulnerable from intruders.

    Also, given today’s manic and extreme weather conditions, you don’t want to own a garage door with a mind on its own.

    Here are the most common reasons why your garage door opens by itself.

    Same garage door opener code

    The chances of getting an identical code are low.

    However, to eliminate all the possibilities, it’s worth checking if our theory is good.

    By doing this, you can ask your neighbor to prompt their garage door open and check how your garage door will respond.

    If this is the case, all you have to do is to change the code accordingly with the help of the garage door manual.

    Blocked safety sensors

    Sometimes, we often overlook the simplest solutions to our problems.

    Check if the photo-eye sensors are working.

    First, wipe it down to eliminate any debris, then, check again if your garage door will respond to its prompts.

    As we are all aware, our safety sensors are responsible for keeping us safe from being crushed by the panel.

    If anything or an object is blocking the sensors, it will emit a signal to stop from lowering and will remain propped up.

    Defective remote control

    When was the last time you’ve changed for fresh batteries?

    When your batteries are wearing out, it will prompt incoherent commands to your garage door.

    Also, we want to eliminate all angles or a fully functional garage door.

    Once you’ve replaced the batteries, and the problem still exists, perhaps, you need to replace your one-tap device.

    Radio interference

    As most of our automatic garage door opener responds to wireless signals, it may have caused incoherent prompts.

    One of the most effective solutions is to remove any radio interfering device within the perimeter including CFL bulbs or electronic devices.

    If the problem continues to exist, call for technical assistance to deal with the issue properly.

    Wiring problems

    Get the circuit board checked and inspected accordingly.

    Due to the technicalities, you might need to call for technical assistance.

    Moreover, if you’re confident and you have the right tools and skills, proceed with caution when doing the repairs.

    For further assistance, you can always reach us anytime.

    Our services are available 24/7.

    24-Hour Garage Door Services in Miami

    If you’re looking for a reliable garage door services provider in Miami-you’ve just come to the right place.

    When it comes to garage doors, we can’t just simply delegate the hardware to anybody.

    Bear in mind that garage doors secure the widest entrance and it should be tasked to a trusted expert technician for reliable repairs.

    For all your emergency garage door repairs, our professional and dedicated technicians are available for fast garage door repairs.

    We assure you that we can handle any types of garage door problems.

    For bookings and free estimates, contact us and we will walk you through the process.


    If your garage door malfunctions, it is not just about the inconvenience.

    It is also about safety and security.

    There are minor issues that can be dealt with quick-fix.

    However, when your hardware exhibits faulty operations, you might as well get it inspected thoroughly.

    Don’t be vulnerable and get your hardware fixed right away.

    For safe and reliable garage door repairs, make sure to call a trusted garage door company in Miami.

    We care about our customer’s safety. Contact us anytime!

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