Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

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    Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    Problems with garage door opener motors can occur anytime, resulting in delays and other issues.

    It’s essential to know why troublesome situations like this happen to come up with an effective solution and keep your entire overhead door system in good condition.

    Your garage door has an important role in your home or business, providing security to your belongings and property.

    But like other heavy-duty equipment, they can incur damages and cause delays in your day-to-day routine.

    Since it consists of many different components, your overhead door is often vulnerable to various technical issues.

    And concerns with garage door opener motors are one of the significant problems you can experience.

    How Does a Garage Door Opener Motor Works?

    Unless your garage door opener motor fails to perform its function, you probably won’t take time to understand and think about how the system works.

    The motor of your garage door opener works together with the springs, chain, and pulleys to raise and lower the door automatically.

    It also serves as a locking system that does not allow your garage door to open when in a closed position without any signal made.

    Your garage door opener’s motor is an essential component in your entire overhead door system since it’s among the parts that permit the door’s movement.

    Considering how frequently you’re using your garage door, the functionality of its opener motor becomes crucial to your home or commercial space’s overall security.

    Most modern garage doors depend on their opener’s motor for the smooth operation of their systems.

    Hence, taking time to prevent damages is essential to help your garage door opener’s motor maintain its pace and keep the system running without any obstruction.

    Causes of Garage Door Opener Motor Failure

    A garage door opener motor not working well may be due to various reasons. Many elements in your surroundings may affect the condition of its mechanism. These include:

    • Changing Weather Conditions – The motor may fail because of varying climates. It’s one of the common reasons why a garage door’s overall system incurs damages in the long run.
    • Normal Wear and Tear – Any frequently used equipment can get damaged over time. This situation happens whether you like it or not. The motor’s efficiency and functionality will eventually deteriorate. However, you can prolong its life through timely and proper maintenance.
    • Lack of Maintenance – Without regular check-up and maintenance, your garage door opener motor may have problems. It can also lead to shorter operational life and affect other components’ operations.

    If your garage door motor stops working, it’s important to know what’s causing it and establish an effective solution right away to prevent any further complications.

    Fixing Broken Garage Door Opener Motor

    Lots of problems may happen with your garage door motor unit, which will need immediate repair.

    Fixing motor issues does not usually mean that you have to disassemble the entire system since you can resolve some of them through external adjustments.

    You can go over the following options to find the best solution for your garage door motor problems.

    Garage Door Inspection

    Perform thorough and accurate inspections of your garage door before checking its motor.

    Problems like half-opening or half-closing doors may arise due to other component issues.

    Pay attention to the cables, the tightness of screws, and the alignment of your garage door tracks.

    You can also spray some lubricant on the sides of your garage door and its hinges.

    If you’re certain that your motor unit has damages, check if the springs are functioning well since they can be the main cause of the problem.

    You may seek professional assistance to fix the issues for your safety.

    Perform the Basics

    Many garage door users tend to miss doing this important step when fixing the motor.

    The opener has a remote-control connected to your property’s power system.

    You can check for a broken connection between the power outlet and the unit.

    Try to unplug and connect the device again.

    Wait for about fifteen minutes and let the motor cool down before opening the garage door.

    Also, make sure to deactivate the lock feature.

    You may browse through the manual to know how you lock and unlock the system.

    Seek Professional Garage Door Repair Service

    When things get too complicated, and you know you cannot perform garage door motor repair, remember that you can always seek help from the professionals in your area.

    Here in Miami, you can hire 305 Garage Door Services to fix your motor issues right away.

    We can serve you anytime as we have local expert technicians around your neighborhood.

    Our team can deal with your residential or commercial garage door repair.

    Your opener or motor problems won’t bother you for too long once our technicians get down to work.

    Call us to experience premium quality repairs for your broken garage door opener motor in Miami.

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