Dented Garage Door Repair

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    Dented Garage Door Repair

    Garage doors are designed to provide us security from all types of harmful elements from the outside.

    Many homeowners utilize the garage as a functional vehicle parking space.

    However, there are instances that we can’t control such as accidentally backing or hitting the door panel.

    Depending on how the garage door panel is dented, garage doors are bound to wear and tear.

    But, don’t stress yourself about how to get it back to its optimal shape.

    A dented panel can be repaired with the help of expert technicians.

    305 Garage Door Services is a dedicated team of professional technicians servicing the residents in Miami.

    For garage door repairs, installations, replacements, and maintenance needs–call us for technical assistance today!

    Can I get the dents on my garage door repaired?

    Garage doors are the most prominent object in every residence. And seeing a dent or tear on the garage door panel is a sight every homeowner dreaded.

    Moreover, don’t fret anymore! A dent or tear can be resolved in no time.

    Depending on the extent of the damage, you can either repair it by yourself or you can simply call for technical’s assistance.

    There are various ways or methods on how to repair the dents.

    Check out our quick guide and methods on how to get it done in no time.

    How to Fix A Dented Garage Door?

    If you own an aluminum garage door, this material is prone to dents and tears since the material is malleable.

    Thus our quick-fix is applicable for homeowners or commercial establishments with aluminum garage doors.

    With the material’s malleability, the hardware can return to its shape in no time with these simple tips.

    First, gather all the needed materials including the mallet hammer, sandpaper in fine-grit, primer and paint, patching material, and hot water.

    After gathering all the materials, with the use of detergent soap and warm water, wash the area thoroughly.

    Make sure to remove any presence of dirt and grime.

    Then, leave the panel to fully dry.

    1. Then, start tapping the dented area with the use of a mallet hammer
    2. Tap the dents slowly and evenly
    3. Next, once the area is even–with the use of the fine-grit sanding paper, sand the dented area for a more even surface
    4. Then, with the patching material–cover the dented area
    5. Allow the patching material to dry
    6. Once it’s dry, sand the dented area again.

    Once the necessary steps are done, apply the primer to the sanded area.

    Then, paint the door panel accordingly.

    Other Methods in Repairing A Dented Garage Door

    As mentioned earlier, most of the DIY repairing methods apply to an aluminum garage door.

    If you own a garage door other than aluminum, it’s best to consult for a professional’s help.

    • Suction Cups. This method applies to smaller and other manageable dents
    • Rapid Heating and Cooling Method. This method may require a few materials such as heat source, compressed air (in a can), aluminum foil.
    1. Wash the dented area thoroughly
    2. Leave it to dry
    3. Place the aluminum foil over the dented area
    4. With the use of the lighter, apply heat on the foil for 1 minute
    5. Then, remove the foil quickly
    6. Grab the compressed air and spray it on the dent for about 1 minute
    • Garage Door Panel Replacement. If the impact or dent is no longer manageable, getting it replaced is the best solution to resolve the problem.

    How much does a dented panel repair costs?

    The costs of the repairs will depend on two things, the severity of the damage and the type of material.

    Usually, for aluminum garage doors, the price ranges from $100 to $300.

    Moreover, for more detailed information, you can call us anytime.

    Our expert technician is available anytime to answer all your inquiries.

    We assure you that our services are within the standard price guide.

    We are more for accessibility and affordability.

    Call us so we can help sort out your garage door problems.

    Contact Us for Garage Door Repairs

    We are a dedicated team of technicians that provides time-tested and stellar garage door services.

    For all your garage door repairs, replacement, installations, and maintenance need–contact us anytime.

    We know how important a garage door is especially for homeowners utilizing the garage as a functional parking space.

    So, if you’re looking to fix the dents and tears on your garage door panel, our expert technicians are up anytime.

    For bookings and free estimates, don’t hesitate to call us.

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