Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

    Today, almost all commercial garage doors have motors that automatically move the cables to open and close the door.

    But with frequent usage, this motor will wear out, and business owners will eventually have to get a replacement or repair service to restore its functionality.

    Commercial establishments such as parking garages and warehouses usually use huge sizes of overhead doors to secure goods, products, and other assets inside the area.

    We all know that garage doors have various components, and the motor unit is among the most important ones.

    When the motor gets damaged, your garage door opener won’t be able to function well like it used to.

    A malfunctioning garage door motor can significantly affect the business’ operation, resulting in delays and losses.

    To ensure seamless operation, it’s essential for any commercial establishments with a garage door to inspect and maintain its overall system regularly.

    You won’t probably pay much attention to your commercial garage door system unless it gets damaged.

    However, overlooking the problem won’t do you and your business any good in the future.

    Always keep in mind that all mechanical things, including your most reliable commercial garage door, will wear out over time and become more vulnerable to damages.

    Factors such as physical damage, power surge, and other issues may require you to have a commercial garage door motor repair.

    Given that, here’s to give you insights into some motor problems that may need a repair job.

    Motor Won’t Stop Running

    This problem rarely happens.

    However, if you will encounter this, it only means that you need to move the up-limit switch away from the motor system.

    It’s often easy to spot, so you can fix the issues right away before something drastic happens.

    This can occur soon after setting up the opener for the first time.

    Garage Door Opener Failure

    If you happen to experience this situation, you can inspect the motor’s screw and carefully perform adjustments on the opener sensitivity as needed.

    You may encounter such problems during the winter months as rollers can sometimes get too stiff to move due to the cold weather.

    It will also help if you put some lubricant on the rollers to enable them to move and operate.

    But since the techniques for sensitivity adjustments vary, it’s better to browse your garage door opener’s manual for the proper instructions.

    Why Do You Need Commercial Door Motor Repair Service?

    Your commercial garage doors might be your establishment’s largest and heaviest moving part.

    They typically consist of massive screws, springs, bolts, and cables that are difficult to move manually.

    That’s why most commercial garage doors have motors for automatic opening and closing.

    Heavy-duty equipment like your overhead door is often prone to damages.

    There are instances when you may be capable of solving the issue.

    But most of the time, you’ll need professional help to handle the job.

    Dealing with a commercial garage door’s complex mechanism without adequate experience puts you at serious risk of injuries and harm.

    A small mistake can lead to further complications that may endanger yourself and the people around you.

    When doing commercial garage door motor repair, consider getting professional service from a well-experienced and trusted team of technicians near you.

    Doing so will help you ensure safety and the best outcome for your garage door motor’s repairs.

    Call 305 Garage Door Services for Your Overhead Door Motor Repair in Miami

    Whether you’re managing an extensive distribution center, manufacturing plant, or a small auto parts shop, your garage door motor has to be in good shape to keep your operations running smoothly.

    Whenever garage door motor problems happen, take immediate action and get on the line with our courteous staff to book a repair service.

    Don’t let your broken motor unit cause delays in your business operation.

    At 305 Garage Door Services, we are ready to fix your problems and eliminate any other overhead door issues.

    If you’re around Miami, we can get to your place anytime you need a commercial garage door motor repair.

    Let us know how our professional technicians can help you.

    Exceptional garage door repair services await you at our company!

    Give us a call and book a commercial garage door repair service with our team today!

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