How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

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    How to Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

    Doors play a vital role in keeping all of our belongings safe from any harm.

    It keeps burglars at bay or at least buys the household members some time to prepare and defend themselves.

    All kinds of doors have this purpose as well as our garage doors.

    Specifically, garage doors are made to protect our vehicles and other possessions usually organized in the garage, like cleaning or gardening tools.

    I am not saying that these cleaning tools are as essential as a car.

    Garage doors assure the people at home in security and erasing any worries that might come off them.

    Garage doors, to ensure the safety of all the household members and their possession, need to be set up carefully and correctly.

    That is why asking for the help of experts such as 305garage is the best way to do so when installing garage doors.

    Since garage doors serve a specific purpose, each part of the door has its function and was set up to allow smooth operation.

    Today you will know how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    Making sure of the alignment of these sensors is vital because it also affects the operation of the door, whether it will run or not.

    Knowing about Garage Door Sensors

    Garage door sensors were also called safety eye or photo-eye.

    These sensors protect other people or us from being hit in the head by a descending door.

    Every garage door contains two sensors, one for sending signals and another for receiving them.

    Between these two sensors, light travels from one point to another.

    This light and sensors protect our head or the door itself from descending nonstop to the ground.

    Whenever the sensor detects something within the door tracks, the closing cycle will automatically stop and will begin to ascend again.

    Where are the door sensors located?

    Aligning door sensors is something that we can do even while waiting for the professionals to arrive.

    However, knowing where the sensors are located is also essential to know so you will not be stirring some part of the garage door that you do not know.

    Usually, these safety eyes can be seen around 6” above the ground from both sides of the garage door.

    These sensors are placed inside the garage door and not outside to prevent anyone from illegally tampering with it.

    Steps to Align Garage Door Sensors

    Before starting the alignment process, permanently close the garage doors and always play it safe to protect yourself and those around you.

    Professionals also advise constantly to flip the switch on the breaker to cut off the garage doors from electricity.

    Now, we can proceed with the steps on how to align garage door sensors chamberlain.

    1. First off, evaluate the current status of your garage door. Perform one more test and try to operate the door through the wall switch and not the remote. If nothing happens, press and hold the wall switch until the door descends and closes. Doing this may also align your sensors.
    2. The next test you can do is check for any obstructions or possible blockage that might hinder or prevent the safe eye from working correctly. It may be a box, a pile of leaves, or even snow. Free the light’s path from anything, then try opening and closing the garage door again.
    3. Another thing that you can try is to look for any dirt on the sensors themselves. The low position of the safety eye attracts a lot of dirt and prevents the light from traveling from one point to another unhindered. Kindly clean both sensors properly, then try opening and closing them again.
    4. If the first three did not solve your garage door problem, you should adjust the garage door sensors appropriately. Loosen the screws and carefully remove the safety eye from the bracket. Then point the sensor in the opposite direction of its pair. After at least 10 seconds, rotate it back in position. To check if they are on the same level, tie a string on the sensor on one side and connect it to the other side. If it is leveled, tighten the screws and the bracket and test the garage doors again.
    5. If the fourth step fails, check the wirings and connections of the garage door sensor. Mice or insects, in general, might find their way to the internal wirings of the sensors or even your dog or pets. Check for any bite marks or any issues and ensure that the sensors are receiving electricity. The sensors were equipped with yellow and green light. If the sensors are receiving electricity, you will be able to see it.
    6. If you have followed the first five and everything fails, the final step is to call an expert to tend to this concern. Not all of us have the necessary equipment to check and do a complete door check-up or maintenance. Calling a trained professional will save a lot of time and money.

    Do not be afraid to call for help whenever you need it.

    You can go just as much when it comes to fixing the garage door by yourself.

    Calling a trained physician to take care of this problem is the best possible way for you.

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