Garage Door Making Banging Noises

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    Garage Door Making Banging Noises

    With every banging sound or nuisance a garage door produces, it corresponds to different issues.

    If you’re experiencing a banging sound from the garage, get the hardware checked to identify the problem accordingly.

    A banging sound can cause disturbance especially if you have to leave for work in the early hours of the morning.

    And the longer you use your compromised hardware, there’s a possibility that it will cause you costly repairs.

    Also, some banging garage door issues may require technical skills.

    To avoid inconvenience and disturbance, call 305 Garage Door Services for fast and efficient garage door repairs and parts replacement.

    Our expert technician can handle your damaged hardware and get it back on track in no time.

    Common Issues for Banging Sound

    When your garage door produces a strange noise, you might have overlooked providing the hardware enough lubrication.

    But when it comes to banging sound, there’s a possibility that any of the springs have snapped.

    Although not all banging sound indicates serious garage door issues, it’s best to leave the technical job to the professionals.

    Given our years of experience and skills, we assure you to provide you with thorough and reliable garage door repairs.

    Here are the common reasons why your hardware is creating a banging noise.

    Misaligned, bent, or cracked garage door tracks

    Years or frequency of use can cause your garage door track to misalign, bend, or crack.

    The pressure, weight, and jerking of the panel can cause the track to bend or crack.

    If the hardware does not receive regular upkeep and there’s a presence of cracks–it will cause further damage.

    As a result, it will cause the panel to move on an uneven path causing it to make a banging sound.

    Get your hardware inspected regularly for bents, cracks, and proper realignment.

    In case you can’t keep up with your garage door’s basic maintenance needs, call us to help you sort your garage door problems.

    Failing or faulty spring(s)

    Springs are responsible for bearing the weight of the panel.

    Keep in mind that the garage door opens and closes a thousand times in a year.

    And with the frequency of use and age of the component, it will wear out eventually.

    As a result, a failing or faulty spring will break down unexpectedly resulting in a banging noise.

    Springs are just like any of the hardware’s moving parts that require regular lubrication.

    If you overlook the spring’s upkeep needs, it will likely result in a serious problem.

    For broken spring(s) replacement, call for technical support.

    Do not attempt to replace the hardware if you don’t have the right tools and skills.

    Loose parts and proper tune-up

    The garage door is designed to lift open and close.

    With its function, it can loosen the hardware’s moving parts.

    Loose parts can cause the hardware to produce strange sounds.

    And if you will ignore them, it will compromise the garage door’s overall performance.

    To avoid costly repairs, get your hardware checked regularly.

    For safe, fast, and reliable garage door repairs, call us anytime.

    Regular maintenance

    The garage door is composed of moving parts and gears that require lubrication regularly.

    Besides the application of grease, the aging parts should be replaced as well.

    The garage door is designed for seamless operation and without putting much effort or pressure on its components.

    In case there’s the presence of unusual functions and broken parts, get it checked to avoid compromising the hardware’s overall performance.


    Although not every strange and banging noise indicates serious issues, it’s best to deal with the problem right away.

    If you continue to use a compromised and faulty garage door, it will only cause further damage to the hardware.

    And one of the best solutions to avoid disturbance within the neighborhood and costly repairs is to provide your garage door its basic commodity.

    Garage doors are composed of intricate and moving parts that require regular lubrication or parts replacement.

    Also, with the frequency of use, the garage door will lose its grease over time.

    When it loses its greases, it will cause friction between the metal gears and other moving parts.

    As a result, a bigger and more expensive repair awaits.

    Don’t wait for the garage door to break down unexpectedly.

    In case you can’t keep up with the garage door’s maintenance needs, call us for technical assistance.

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